Visitor Registration

Thank you for your attention to Valve World Asia Expo & Conference 2023 – CHINA.

Event Time: April 26th-27th, 2023

Event Location: Suzhou International Expo Centre

Registration method:

1. Online pre-registration: Please click here to register or scan the QR code, and follow us on WeChat.
Click “Onsite registration”; Click “Visitor”; Click “English”and fill in the form.

After the registration is successful, you will receive our Confirmation Email and Message. Please show the QR Code you get from the “Confirmation Email”, “Confirmation Message” and scan it on the registration desk to get your Visitor Badge fast.

*Due to the large number of on-site visitors, the network will be delayed, and the registration will take a long time. It is suggested that complete the “online pre-registration” in advance!

2. Group registration: If your company has a large number of visitors, please contact us to get the Visitor Registration Form, enjoying efficient registration service.

Please note:
To ensure your safety, the real name certification is implemented in this exhibition. Please wear a mask and show your health code when you visitor the exhibition. Please bring your ID card (Passport) and Business Name Card to the Registration Desk to get your Visitor Badge.

Should you need any assistance, please contact:
Ms. Jojo ZHOU
Tel: +86-21-6351-9609 ext. 602