Valve World Asia Expo & Conference

April 26th-27th, 2023

Suzhou International Expo Centre

Suzhou, China


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Welcome to 2023 Valve World Asia Expo & Conference

April 26-27

Suzhou, China

The ninth biennial Valve World Asia Expo & Conference will take place at Suzhou International Expo Centre on April 26-27, 2023. The event is organized in three sections: an exhibition, conference, and a valve-related course on fugitive emissions on April 25, the day before the grand opening. The dynamic and interactive event will give attendees the opportunity to visit and learn various brands, products and services, network with the leading minds driving ahead innovation and excellence in the fields of valve manufacture, use, maintenance, etc.

The 2023 Valve World Asia event is sponsored by a group of internationally renowned valve companies, including Neway Valve, Bonney Forge, FRVALVE, Fangzheng Valve and Viza Valves, and attracts more than one hundred manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, local and multinational to showcase their latest products, technologies, services and capabilities, while simultaneously forming new business relationships and reaffirming old ones. With a highly targeted audience of delegates and visitors, every person on the exhibition floor comes with a guaranteed interest in valves and flow control industry.

Asia, especially China as an important part of the global market has been striving to develop and making dramatic innovation. We welcome and look forward to more and more industry players from all over the world to attend the coming Valve World Asia event and join the global valve community, seek out new business opportunities under this challenging time!

Conference: share challenges and explore solutions

The technical conference will focus on a wide range of topics impacting today’s valve industry. There will be four panel discussions, joined by experts from different aspects of the manufacture, specification, and application of valves, covering the hottest topics, including valve lifecycle, analysis on severe working conditions, hydrogen market and valve procurement. A group of experts from EU and EPC companies will address the plenary session. Besides, six special forums focusing on different topics (Sealing Technology, Fugitive Emissions, Control Valve, Materials, Valve Design, Repair & Maintenance) will be given during the two-conference days, enriched by quality speeches from leading companies within the industry.

It’s also worth mentioning that after two successful sessions in 2017 and 2019, the third Fugitive Emissions Course will be set for Tuesday, April 25, so the day before 2023 VWAsia event. It will be the perfect bonus event for all industry professionals looking for a better understanding of what fugitive emissions are and how to tackle them. The 2023 Course includes three sessions, Plant Emissions Control, Online Monitoring, and Selection Guideline, providing industry players a more systematic and effective angel towards fugitive emissions issues.

Valve World Asia Conference 2023 Steering committee



Committee Members:


Senior Reliability Manager

Dow Chemical

Xiaolei SHI

Material Engnieer

Wison Engineering

Mohanned W. Tarabzouni

Projects & Technical Support

Saudi Aramco

Henry YE

Senior Materials Engineering Consultant

Chemours China

Committee Members:

Allan Raymond S. Ramos

Piping Material Engineer

Toyo Engineering Corporation

Anthony GAO


BASF China

Asrul Hazimin B Mohamad

Principal (Piping)


Lin Hui


Shenhua Coal Chemical Engineering

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