2023 Retrospect

2023 Valve World Asia Expo & Conference:

An ideal platform to realize effective communication in the valve industry

After more than three years of special epidemic period, in the spring of 2023, people from all walks of life in the valve industry gathered at Suzhou International Expo Center as promised, to learn about new products, unlock new ideas, build new contacts, and obtain new business opportunities at the 9th Valve World Asia Expo and Conference. Held on the day before, the one-day Fugitive Emissions Course focused on the latest VOCs leakage detection technology, online monitoring system and selection guidance, and provided significant added value to the participants.

Expo: Create New Opportunities in a Changing World

As a professional exhibition of the valve and flow control industry, 2023 Valve World Asia Expo brought together more than 100 quality exhibitors, such as Neway Valve, FR Valve, Fangzheng Valve Group, Viza Valves, etc. from home and abroad. On the first day (April 26), the number of professional audiences exceeded 4000. In addition to the domestic visitors, there were more from Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Poland, Belarus, Italy, Serbia, Cameroon, Iraq, Indonesia, India, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, the Middle East, and etc. Exhibitors are able to timely deliver product features and direct communication with target customers on site, in a short time to achieve a variety of business cooperation intention.

Also present was the Speakers’ Corner, located beside the lunch area of the expo floor, which proved to be a popular spot for participants who were interested at a variety of hot topics and performed live demonstrations presented by guest speakers from main valve providers and testing institutions including Chongqing Chuanyi Control Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang CPS Cathay Packing & Sealing Co., Ltd., Nanjing CompTECH Composites Corp., Geko Fluid Control GmbH,, NanJing Shuangqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Yancheng Dafeng Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Located at the expo site, the “Product Show Room” exhibited a number of high-quality products of different brands, which attracted the attention of many visitors and provided a more intuitive and effective communication opportunity for both sides.

Conference: “Brainstorming” for the Valve Industry

The strong steering committee team made up by experts from Sinopec, Saudi Aramco, Wison, Chemours, BASF, Arkema, China Hydrogen Institute, TÜV Rheinland, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, etc. has laid a solid foundation for the success of the Valve World Asia Conference. Four major panel discussions: The discussion on valve lifecycle reliability, Case study of valve application under different conditions, Discussion on valve demand and supply of the state and future development, How to meet the needs for valves in the process of new energy development? were fully engaged with active participation and interaction. Other technical workshops including such relevant industry topics as Fugitive Emissions Control, Sealing Technology, Control Valve, Materials, Valve Design, Maintenance and Repair received positive feedback from attendees. More than 200 delegates participated in the discussion within two days. Many representatives of end user companies shared with us that they came with a “mission” — looking for new solutions. The trip proved worthwhile!

FE Course: Too good an opportunity to miss in 2023

This year’s Fugitive Emissions Course started on April 25th, still the day before the Expo & Conference in the same location as the Valve World Expo Exhibition & Conference Asia 2023. Just a quick look at the course agenda will explain you why it is too good an opportunity to miss in 2023. Topics on the latest VOCs leakage detection technology, online monitoring system and selection guidance have all been included. Professional Lecturers from home and abroad shared their new findings and experience. Participants shared that the benefit of being here on the Fugitive Emissions Course, to learn, to ask questions, to network and is irreplaceable.

Welcome to 2024 Valve World Asia Expo & Conference in Shanghai

The Valve World Asia Expo & Conference is a unique combination of technical conference, market exhibition, and training seminar that focuses on valves, actuation, and all related technologies in flow control systems. Local and international suppliers and end users can always take this opportunity to expand their business networks and technical knowledge. Join us in Shanghai in 2024 (July 3-4) for the next Valve World Asia Expo & Conference!