Fugitive Emissions Course 2023 · Timetable

Date: April 25 (the day before Valve World Asia Expo & Conference 2023 starts)

Time: 9:00-16:30

Venue: Meeting Room A204 (Suzhou International Expo Centre)

Registration: 299 Euro

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Session 1: Plant Emissions Control

09:30-10:15 Speaker: Gangfeng ZHANG,Director of Engineering Technology Center, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences
Topic: Application and Case Analysis of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology in Emission Detection
10:20-11:05 Speaker: Mengya BU, Engineer of Engineering Technology Center, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences
Topic: Analysis of VOCs leakage control standard development and key technical points
11:10-11:55 Speaker: Tianyi XING, General Manager, Tianjin CRDT Fluid Control System Ltd.
Topic: Sealing solutions that are exempt from LDAR leak detection and non-breathing discharge technology for storage tanks

Session 2: Online monitoring: Early-warning and Prevention of Fugitive Emissions

13:15-14:00 Speaker: Zhigang MA, General Manager, BMC Sealing Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Industrial Internet of Things — Intelligent Emissions Monitoring and Early Warning System
14:05-15:05 Speaker: Reidar Eikeland, CTO, ConditionALL
Topic: How valve monitoring reduce Fugitive Emissions?

Session 3: Selection guideline

15:30-16:15 Speaker: James TANG, Engineering Director, Burgmann Sealing Materials (Cixi) Co., Ltd.
Topic: FEC Packing Selection Guidance

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